What Is The Best Roadtrip Vehicle Of All Time?

lincoln continental

Trying to settle on the best road trip vehicle of all time is an impossible task. A young couple taking a road trip through Australia in summer would be well served by a nice convertible with the top down to collect vitamin D.

That same convertible would turn a winter circumnavigation of the Icelandic ring road into the road trip from hell. With so many different reasons for taking a road trip, let’s narrow it down to just a few different categories: Comfort, adventure, and Luxury.

Comfort: Lincoln Continental Convertible

If you are looking for a car that feels like it is driving itself as you cruise along good roads in good conditions, then my suggestion is less of a car and more of a land yacht. Your road trip is about interacting with the world and experiencing the sights and sounds and smells that you encounter along the way. The Lincoln Continental also comes with an almost infinite amount of storage space, so you can bring all of your creature comforts along for the ride.

Adventure: Land Rover Defender

The Defender is the ultimate adventure vehicle. This thing is tough enough to take you and your friends anywhere you would like to go. Want to drive frozen roads in the arctic circle? Land Rover Defender. Want to drive straight up the side of an African mountain? Land Rover Defender. There is no rutted mountain road or iced over incline capable of stopping a roadtrip in one of these bad boys.

Luxury: Fiat Rapido 640 motorhome

What? Were you expecting a luxury sports car? Those might be fun for day trips, but if you’re looking to spend some serious time on the road then you need the level of luxury that only a high end motorhome can provide. The Rapido 640 won best motorhome of the year last year, and it made this list for many of the same reasons. It uses its space a lot better than most motorhomes, meaning that you get bigger and better bathroom facilities, more kitchen space, and a comfier bed than you would expect from any motorhome. The Rapido 640 might not be fast, but it is the definition of luxury travel.