The modern car with all that means

The modern car, reflecting the current state of technology, contains a wide range of devices that are designed to enhance and assist the driving experience while providing entertainment to passengers. Automotive electronics use microprocessors to control cooling, fuel injection, ignition and lubrication systems in order to optimise engine performance. Hybrid vehicles use an internal combustion engine to charge a battery that drives an electric motor, electric cars are driven by battery-powered electric motors that are charged by mains electricity while hydrogen fuel cells could provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels in the not-too-distant future.

Portable media players, acting as data storage facilities for digital audio files, allow travellers to listen to music or audio books in the car while in-car DVD and blue-ray players allow passengers to watch films and television shows from the backseat. Internet connection, accessible via tethered mobile phone or WiFi hotspot, is a modern car accessory that allows passengers to get online during road-trips. Online casinos, offering an array of bonuses to new customers and accessible via an in-car Internet connection, are an excellent source of entertainment during car journeys. There are a number of online resources available to those who wish to learn more about online casino games, offers and bonuses.

Satellite navigation, relying on artificial satellites that are orbiting the planet to transmit signals to electronic receivers, uses geo-spatial positioning to inform drivers of their whereabouts during car journeys and to provide them with appropriate directions. This technology, first used by the United States military in the Cold War, became accessible to civilian motorists in the early twenty-first century and is making maps obsolete. Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS), using rear-view digital video cameras and object detection technology, helps drivers to park their vehicles by displaying a rearward view on an in-dash screen. IPAS, available at present in only a limited number of vehicles, may replace rear-view mirrors in the coming decades.