How to Start Your Own Auto Repair Shop

mechanic at autoshop

Starting your personal auto repair shop or automotive workshop is the dream of any good mechanics everywhere. If you are versatile and highly skilled mechanic, you might find it very restrictive to work for someone else, especially when you are able to run your own business and make good gains for yourself. Here are a few tips on how to start your own auto repair shop.

Formulate a Business Plan

Every business needs a plan. Your automotive shop plan is more than just we will rent a shop and fox cars for money, no. You need to set a goal on where your business is headed. The plan should include things like advertising methods, particulars start-up costs, expenses and the number of employees. Make sure you map out your business to see future plans become a reality.

Register For a Business License

The best place to start is to call your local SBA. They can give you more information about free publication, loans and other related issues. Register with the business with the local authority. Make sure you have any required licenses and permits needed to operate your auto repair shop by contacting local court.

Get Insurance

Get garage insurance. If you will have employees in your garage, you must have workers’ compensation insurance in case an accident happens. You need to check other liabilities that need to be covered in the preferred area of business like fire, natural disaster and other incidents.

Pick a Location

The most important thing in an auto repair shop is the location. You should make sure to find a shop in a busy highway or right by the interstate. Remember, location plays a large role in whether your business fails or succeeds. When picking a location, make sure you account for the monthly cost of the lease.

Decide On the Services

When you want to start an auto repair shop, you need to decide the types of services you offer. Your business can specialise in certain areas, including air conditioning systems, heating and brakes among others. However, specialising would significantly limit the revenue that your auto repair shop could make. Having a general shop is a good idea, but most customers love niche business, and if you specialise in two or more auto repairs, you can quickly establish credibility.

Get the right tools

When owning and working at an auto shop you will need tools you probably never thought about before when you simply were an “enthusiast”. One thing you’ll soon encounter is that a car mover is very helpful. Being able to move the cars you are working with without having to start them up is a huge time saver.


It is important you look into advertising when starting an auto repair shop. Most people would check online or newspapers when they need repair and they don’t know anyone to fix the problem. Make sure your business gets listed in all local online directories, yellow pages, Google places and consumer review sites. If possible, you can also look into television and radio advertising.