Oct 16 2018

Best online games to play in the car on your phone and/or laptop

Have you ever been a passenger in a car during a 10-hour trip on a road you have traveled many times before? Then you will know how excruciatingly boring it can become. You can of course try to sleep, but if the driver has the car stereo on full blast there’s not much chance of that happening.

Fortunately with modern technology you can play a plethora of games online. What type you choose really depends on your personality and personal preferences. The more intellectually inclined would love to play chess against the computer, while those who have unrealized fantasies of being a superhero might prefer a game such as Ultimate Spider-Man.

If you suffer under a terrible, cruel and vengeful boss every day you might look into playing a game such as Kill Your Boss 2. This could be a particularly suitable game if your boss is the one currently driving the car, and who put the stereo on full blast.

For those who have an axe to grind with the rest of the world, or whose lives just don’t have enough action, there are war games such as Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 2. Both can be played online and both offer great action and excellent graphics.

Of course many ladies would like to play similar games, but the less bloodthirsty ones would most likely prefer a game such as Homescape or Home Street. For younger females there are also many party games, or games about the latest fashions where you can customize your own look online.

Many of our readers are probably sports fans – and we haven’t forgotten about them. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is a great sports game you can play on your PC. And golf enthusiasts will love Golf Club 2019.

If you adore football and often wondered how you would do as a manager, you should find your way to managerzone.com. At this site you can test your football managing skills, and their football simulator is as relaxed or as fast-paced as you prefer.

Aug 8 2018

Passing the time as a passenger during a road-trip

We all know that a road trip can be fun and exciting, a journey to see a new location, hanging out with friends and just enjoying the freedom that the open road has to offer. However, we are also aware the distances between sights can be long as well as tedious. There are however a number of options and activities that you can partake in to keep yourself occupied. The options are limitless and regardless if you prefer rocking out, taking in a good book or enjoying a mobile game there is something perfect for everyone.

Firstly a great way to pass the time on a road trip is with a good audiobook. We understand many people can feel nauseous and unwell if they are reading in the car so audiobooks are a perfect alternative to that. Companies such as audible provide a large variety of audiobooks that are perfect for road trips of any length. Pick the right book and the trip will be over before you know it.

Another perfect way to pass the time as a passenger is to immerse yourself in the fun of a mobile game. Whether you prefer virtual poker and slots or puzzle and adventure games, there is a game to suit everyone that will help pass the time on a lengthy trip. In som areas, mobile games can offer a unique experience. Being able to get lost in the enjoyment of your favourite mobile game will make time pass quickly and you will be surprised at just how quick the drive went.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have friends who share similar taste in music the drive can fly by. Singing along to the latest hits or classics is a great way to spend the journey and enjoy yourself. Being able to relax with the best music will surely mean the trip flashes by.

Jul 3 2018

The modern car with all that means

The modern car, reflecting the current state of technology, contains a wide range of devices that are designed to enhance and assist the driving experience while providing entertainment to passengers. Automotive electronics use microprocessors to control cooling, fuel injection, ignition and lubrication systems in order to optimise engine performance. Hybrid vehicles use an internal combustion engine to charge a battery that drives an electric motor, electric cars are driven by battery-powered electric motors that are charged by mains electricity while hydrogen fuel cells could provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels in the not-too-distant future.

Portable media players, acting as data storage facilities for digital audio files, allow travellers to listen to music or audio books in the car while in-car DVD and blue-ray players allow passengers to watch films and television shows from the backseat. Internet connection, accessible via tethered mobile phone or WiFi hotspot, is a modern car accessory that allows passengers to get online during road-trips. Online casinos, offering an array of bonuses to new customers and accessible via an in-car Internet connection, are an excellent source of entertainment during car journeys. There are a number of online resources available to those who wish to learn more about online casino games, offers and bonuses.

Satellite navigation, relying on artificial satellites that are orbiting the planet to transmit signals to electronic receivers, uses geo-spatial positioning to inform drivers of their whereabouts during car journeys and to provide them with appropriate directions. This technology, first used by the United States military in the Cold War, became accessible to civilian motorists in the early twenty-first century and is making maps obsolete. Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS), using rear-view digital video cameras and object detection technology, helps drivers to park their vehicles by displaying a rearward view on an in-dash screen. IPAS, available at present in only a limited number of vehicles, may replace rear-view mirrors in the coming decades.

Jun 7 2018

Save for your vacation with poker

Saving for a vacation can be a double edged sword. On the one hand it is exciting to plan where you want to go, and select your dream destination from the vast variety that are out there. Putting together ideas with your significant other about the amazing experiences you will be having together – what could be better? On the other hand however is how to pay for it? Dreams don’t come cheap, and the bigger you dream the more expensive they tend to be to bring into reality. So how to pay for your dream vacation?

Saving your salary is the most obvious way but what if your salary is not as high as you would like it to be? What if saving is going to take a lot longer than you want it to and you want to take that dream break sooner rather than later? One method is by supplementing your income by winning money with online poker.

But there are risks you say – you could lose the hard earned money that you have saved so long and carefully for. Believe it or not there are ways of playing poker online, and winning real cash prizes without having to make any sort of financial investment. How is this possible? You can do this though entering freeroll tournaments.

Freeroll tournaments are one of the most common form of poker tournament available online at the moment. Each week hundreds of thousands of people participate for the chance to win cold hard cash. With zero buy-in, anyone can enter one of these tournaments and walk away with a bigger bank account. There are many ways of entering one of these tournaments. Many online casinos offer freeroll tournaments to new players without the need for depositing money. A web search will help you find them.

Freeroll tournaments are a great way to supplement your vacation saving, they are low to no risk and available right now.